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I ordered strawberry hanging planters 2 for 1 plus s/h. Price was 10.00 + s/h OK I was sent some white *** baskets with strawberry

plants 29.95 total charge was 78.60

Like a dummy I returned them with a r/a

a number I finally got

That is far and I have got.

I have tried to email 3 times. No response.

This is ridculous consumer fraud / credit should be contacted for people like this.

I just want my money back. or simply send the product I ordered....

Gardener Choice 81961 CR 687 so Hartford Mi 49057 order #1192989 tv28792 BOGO Hanging Strawberry Garden sets 2 for the price of 1 $10.00 + s/h This is my order 6/12/09

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The s/h is what gets you every time. Most companies will only refund the cost of items not s/h. That's how they make money as they can charge whatever they want for s/h.

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